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North Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association for Youth

NEPSAY Variations

NEPSAY rules are the same as S.A.Y. with the following exceptions and clarifications:

LAW 1: Field of Play

  • 8U & 10U: 55-65 yards long by 35-45 yards wide.All others: minimum 90 yards long by 45-60 yards wide.
  • 8U & 10U: No Goal Box: Penalty Box 12 yards out by 12 yards from each post. The Center Circle will have a 7-yard diameter.
  • 8U & 10U: Penalty Mark at 10 yards from the goal line.
  • 8U & 10U Goals: 6 feet high by 18 feet wide.
  • Both teams are to be benched on the same side of the field. All parents and spectators must be on the opposite side of the field from the teams.
  • 8U & 10U: Build Out Line is half the distance from the Penalty Box to the Half Field line.

LAW 3: Players, Substitutions, and Goal Keeper Change

  • Team Size: 8U & 10U – 8 players on field (minimum 5 to play), 12U and 14U – 11 players on field (minimum 7 to play), 17U – 9 players (minimum 6 to play),
  • Goal Keepers shall be used for 8U & 10U games.
  • Any player whose on-field injury is attended to by someone off the field, that player must be removed from the field at that time and may be substituted for.

LAW 4: Player’s Equipment

  • Numbered Shirts are not required.

LAW 7: Duration of the Game

  • 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 17U Games shall consist of 4 equal quarters.

LAW 8: The Start and Restart of Play

  • 8U & 10U Goalkeepers are allowed to punt or dropkick the ball to put it back into play after a save.

LAW 11: Offside

  • 8U: Offside will be called
  • 8U & 10U - Offside will be called between the Build Out Line and the End Line

LAW 12: Fouls and Misconduct

  • 8U and 10U Fouls and Misconducts will be penalized in accordance with the Laws of the Game.
  • If a player is issued a Yellow Card, that player must be substituted immediately.  The player may re-enter the match at his team's next possession.

LAW 13: Free Kick

  • 8U & 10U: Any Indirect Free Kicks awarded in opponents’ penalty box will be taken from the nearest point on the 12 yard box.
  • 8U & 10U: All players are required to be at l east 10 yards from the ball for all free kicks with the exception of Kick Offs and Penalty Kicks which will be governed by the lines of the field.

LAW 14: Penalty Kick

  • 8U & 10U Penalty Shots will be taken at the 10-yard penalty mark.

LAW 16: Goal Kick

  • 8U Goal Kicks will be a direct kick .

LAW 17: Corner Kick

  • 8U & 10U: All players must be at least 10 yards from the ball until it is kicked.
  • 10U Corner Kicks will be a direct kick.

No Heading Policy

· Compliance with USSF rule change : concussion policy. No heading is permitted in divisions U12 and lower. Enforcement per SAY soccer ruling.(Adopted July 2016)

No Slide Tackling

· No slide tackling is permitted in U8 and U10 divisions.

Enforcement :
First offense (individual) : warning and indirect kick from spot of foul
Persistent offender (individual) : yellow card to offending player
Persistent offender (team) : yellow card to coach

A yellow card can be issued to team coach if one or more players on the team appear to be using slide tackling as a defensive technique after an initial warning. Issuance of a yellow card to a coach is at the referee’s discretion. (Adopted September 2015)