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North Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association for Youth

Policy Statement


  • Regular meetings will be held the third Wednesday of every month unless changed by the board.
  • A list of officers and contact people for each league will be prepared at the February meeting by each League.


  • Fall Scheduling:
    • All information for the fall season interplay will be due at the July meeting.
    • Fall interplay schedules will be distributed one week prior to the season start.
    • Each league will provide a list of teams, coaches and telephone numbers at the July meeting.
    • Actual team rosters must be filed with the secretary by the September meeting.
  • Rules:

Tournament Scheduling

  • Teams, age groups, coaches names and phone numbers to the tournament director by the September meeting.
  • Interplay roster will be the tournament roster. No changes or exceptions.


  • NEPSAY dues payable at the January meeting.Tournament dues payable no later than the mandatory coaches meeting.